Forestry & Plantation

Forestry & Plantation: Navigating Indonesia's Green Business Landscape


Welcome to Armila & Rako (ARKO), your esteemed ally in navigating the dynamic realm of forestry and plantation enterprises in Indonesia. Amidst the verdant landscapes, our firm is your guide, committed to facilitating every facet of your journey through the green sector.


Unveiling the Secrets of Forestry

In the heart of Indonesia's forestry sector, Armila & Rako serves as your compass, facilitating a seamless navigation through regulatory intricacies. Forest plantation is not merely nomenclature; it embodies a commitment we passionately support. Initiating with the acquisition of the License for Timber Forest Products Utilization (IUPHHK-HA) and the License for Utilization of Timber Forest Products – Industrial Forest (IUPHHK-HTI), our dedicated team adeptly steers through bureaucratic processes. We take pride in meticulously preparing agreements with contractors, formulating contracts for product sales, and effectively implementing the nucleus plasma system.


Green Projects, Sustainability, and Energy Transition

There has been a remarkable and inspiring shift in company culture towards sustainability in the current business landscape. Companies worldwide recognize the imperative to embrace eco-friendly practices, aligning their values with environmental stewardship. This transformative shift extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it represents a genuine commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Organizations are increasingly integrating sustainability into their core values, from adopting energy-efficient technologies to implementing waste reduction strategies. This cultural evolution is driven by a sense of moral responsibility and the growing awareness among employees, consumers, and stakeholders about the importance of environmental conservation. As a result, businesses are focusing on profit margins and creating a positive impact on the planet. The collaborative effort across industries to adopt greener practices underscores a collective determination to build a more sustainable and resilient future for future generations.

We, Armila & Rako (ARKO), provide cutting-edge legal services in sustainability and climate change. We believe in the power of the law to drive positive change and foster a sustainable future. Our team of seasoned legal experts specializes in navigating the complex landscape of environmental regulations, offering innovative solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to positively impacting our planet. From advising on sustainable business practices and green energy initiatives to ensuring compliance with ever-evolving environmental laws, we are at the forefront of legal advocacy for a greener and more sustainable world. At Armila & Rako (ARKO), we are not just legal practitioners but stewards of the environment, working with our clients to create a legacy of responsible and ethical business practices.


In a world where the demand for sustainable and lower-carbon energy is escalating, Armila & Rako (ARKO) stands at the forefront of the energy transition. With experience in both traditional and renewable energy and global resources, our firm is dedicated to assisting clients as they navigate the challenges, implications, and opportunities arising from the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the energy sector.


Why Choose Armila & Rako for Your Forestry Needs?

Our team, strategically positioned in key locations worldwide, supports a diverse clientele, including corporates, utilities, sovereigns, investors, financial institutions, and alternative capital providers. Clients focused on energy transition, decarbonization, and renewable energy projects turn to us for our ability to deliver comprehensive legal and commercial advice across the entire energy value chain. 

At Armila & Rako (ARKO), we pride ourselves on being involved in groundbreaking transactions, collaborating closely with clients to innovate, and offering strategic advice. We work tirelessly to develop commercial frameworks that capture value within the energy transition chain.

We offer a complete range of services across various energy transition asset classes, including renewables, energy storage (battery storage, hydrogen, hydropower), carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), carbon trading, carbon tax, electric vehicles, energy distribution/transmission, energy efficiency, intelligent cities, micro-grids, and gas-to-power projects. Additionally, we guide clients in decarbonizing operations, retiring coal-fired power projects for cleaner alternatives, diversifying and monetizing fossil fuel assets, and successfully navigating climate change litigation.

As a law firm committed to sustainability and innovation, Armila & Rako (ARKO) is dedicated to guiding our clients toward a lower-carbon future and achieving their objectives in the dynamic landscape of the energy transition. 

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