Our Practices


Located on the equator and surrounded by volcanoes, Indonesia is a minerals rich country. Since the new era of governmental administration in early year of 2000, the mining industry has been growing exponentially and is now a major part in Indonesia economy. Our team has strong knowledge and extensive experience in providing legal services for mining companies of all sizes, from junior mining companies, holder of IUP Exploration carrying on early stage exploration to international companies holding mining concessions under ‘Contract of Works’ scheme with investments and projects spread across the nation.

Our mining team actively involved in the re-negotiation of ‘Contract of Works’, the mining concession under the old regime and amendment to adjust it with the current Mining Law. We also provide assistance to our mining clients ranging from permitting, early stage exploration and operation production, to closure of projects. Not only for the operational aspects of mining, we also help clients raise capital for mining operations and carry out mergers and acquisitions of mining assets. Specifically, we assist clients in permitting, mineral title acquisition, strategic alliance or joint venture agreements, corporate structuring, financing, land acquisition, coal and mineral exports, smelters and refinery, offtake agreements and strategic investments.

Our lawyers are recognized as leaders in the field of mining law. Our law firm has also worked together with the Indonesia Mining Professionals (Perhimpunan Ahli Pertambangan Indonesia (Perhapi)) and Indonesia Mining Institute to prepare a white paper and proposal draft (Naskah Akademik and Rancangan Undang-undang) of the amendment to the current Mining Law and involved in the formulation of the national Mining Policy. Our lawyers have also been working together with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as well as several mining related associations for various topics in mining and speaks in many mining conferences held by government and private sectors.