Our Practices


Insurance industry in Indonesia is very appealing yet containing a certain degree of complications from legal perspectives, due to its evolutions from time to time. We are well familiar with complications and know how to simplify the same into core principles as a guidance. Our know-how in the various legal parts of insurance business encourage and enable insurance companies and professionals to move forward with a calculated business risk.Our clients’ portfolio expands from many western, European, to Asian jurisdictions. Consequently we worked with reputable firms from such jurisdictions.

May it be a general insurance or life insurance, may it be a traditional insurance products or unit links products, may it be reinsurance treaty or product registration and distribution, digital platform insurance products distribution, insurance agencies, insurance brokerage, insurance frauds, may it be compliance reporting requirements, fit and proper tests, integration of expats insurance professional certification to the national insurance professional certification, or a lingering question as to whether an offshore insurance products may be distributed on shore, rest assure we have mastered the know-how.