Our Practices

Oil and Gas

Indonesia’s proven oil reserves is included in the top 30 in the world, making it the third oil rich country in the South East Asia region. Continued demand of energy both domestically and globally has created business opportunity in this sector. Nevertheless, various risks across the oil and gas upstream and downstream life cycle remain a challenge for oil and gas business players in Indonesia, with risks that extend from the volatile price to regulatory policies.

We assist clients across the oil and gas sector in Indonesia to find commercial legal solutions. Our approach that is practical coupled with our knowledge in energy market and our ability to comprehend complex risks in the hydrocarbon sector, will be of great value for you achieving your commercial objectives. The assistance that we provide include finalizing deal structure, negotiating and drafting transaction documents, dealings with regulatory agencies (SKK Migas and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources), assisting with land settlement and labour advices during both exploration and production stages, carry out due diligence, and permitting and approvals.