Our Practices

Corporate & Commercial

Our law firm provides a broad range of services relating to corporate and business matters, from incorporation of legal entities, joint ventures and strategic partnership transactions to commercial and business agreements. We work together with clients to assess their business needs and develop innovative legal strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Indonesia revisits its policies and rules on investment relatively frequently. These constant changes to the rules and regulation represent significant business risk and can create obstacles for shareholders or investors when establishing businesses in Indonesia. We assist our clients to incorporate both local Indonesian companies or Indonesian companies with direct foreign investment. Our assistance include advice on the ‘negative list’ (shareholding restriction list) of investment set by the Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal or BKPM), corporate structures, preparation of all company related paperwork, preparing joint venture agreements or shareholders’ agreements to regulate the relationship of the shareholders and fully set up the business until it is ready for operation.

Running a successful daily business operation is subject to many factors, including deal structures and effective contracts which must be commercially sound, compliant with multiple regulatory requirements and minimum legal risk. Our lawyers are aware of the realities of growing a business and the issues involved in closing a deal for both transactions conducted in Indonesia and for international transactions. With this understanding, we help clients structure deals, arrange financing, negotiate agreements, identify potential risks and prepare effective contracts. The contracts that we assist are both internal contracts such as agreements relating to shareholders, management, employment, consulting and other internal matters as well as external contracts entered into by clients with counter parties.