Our Practices


Our lawyers are market recognized experts in various legal aspects of banking and finance.The expertise range among others from M&A of banks, multi finance companies, venture capitals and its investments, as well as fintech companies, straight forward loan, subordinated loan, syndicated loan, loan restructuring and refinancing, debt novation, assignment of receivables, finance lease, operating lease, collaterals, various banking products including cash pools, onshore and offshore financial products distribution, corporate secretarial services specifically for banks, Financial Services Authority and Central Bank various compliance requirements for the said entities, including business licensing, business licensing upgrades, risk management, good corporate governance, anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing, Know Your Customers Principles, and banking and finance related commercial disputes.

Our banking and finance practice group have had, and still working with prominent law firms in various jurisdictions contributing success to many international banking related financing arrangements involving parties in Indonesia, may it be as lenders or borrowers. We also have built good and sustainable relationship with the Financial Services Authority and the Central Bank.