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Training Participation: "Bimbingan Teknis Perizinan dan Regulasi Pertambangan"

Author: Admin, Mon, Aug 1st 2022, 19:08

Mining industries are one of the most promising essential activities for investors and a number of entrepreneurs.  The output is also supported by Indonesia's rich natural resources, both mineral and coal. These benefits can also be impactful in terms of human resources.

As well as the other businesses, mining activities must also have a permit from the government, as emphasized in Article 6 of PP Number 96 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Mineral and Coal Mining Business Activities (“PP 96/2021”) that mining businesses are carried out based on business permits from the central government.

Our associate Steven Martin participated as Trainer for training series held by EduBlast with topic "Bimbingan Teknis Perizinan dan Regulasi Pertambangan".