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Partner Announcement - Hermanto

Author: Admin, Wed, Nov 9th 2022, 10:45

Armila & Rako is pleased to announce Hermanto as the firm's new partner. Hermanto has been joining Armila & Rako as an of counsel since 2020 before joining the partnership. He worked for PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, one of the largest publicly listed banks in Indonesia, as the Head of the Legal Division Group for 17 years, with his last position as the Executive Vice President. Before joining the bank, Hermanto practised law in a few prominent law firms in Jakarta. Besides being a practitioner, Hermanto also dedicated his valuable thoughts to the Law School of Satyawacana Christian University as a law lecturer. Being in the industry for more than 30 years, Hermanto has vast experience in banking, corporate and financial restructuring, general corporate matters, land & property and commercial litigation.

Hermanto attended Satyawacana Christian University Law School and earned a Notarial Magistry from the University of Indonesia.