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Electronic Certificate: The Indonesian Government's New Breakthrough in the Land Sector

Author: Gracia Monica, Thu, Feb 18th 2021, 15:35

With the aim of increasing the value of registering property in order to improve the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) ranking, the government, through Regulation of the Minister of ATR / Head of BPN Number 1 of 2021, implements rules related to Electronic Land Certificates (El-Certificates). This means, land certificates that have just been registered will no longer be in hardcopy but in the form of electronic documents and stored in the Electronic System Database which is protected by Blockchain technology. This method is deemed more efficient and effective for people who wish to carry out registration/maintenance, so that they no longer need to go to the land office. In addition, it can minimize disputes related to land certificates that have often occurred by providing legal certainty and protection.

El-certificate is claimed to have the same legal strength as a conventional certificate. Both types of certificates have a function as proof of land rights, so that the prevailing regulations allow existing conventional certificates to be converted into electronic. So far, the government has prepared four types of services that are integrated electronically, such as Electronic Security Rights (HT-el), Land Registration Certificate (SKPT), Land Certificate Check, and Land Value Zone Information (ZNT).

The government emphasizes that the Land Office will not withdraw the conventional certificate that is already in the hands of the public, if it is not submitted for modification. However, if one wants to change it, the certificate will be withdrawn by the Land Office. This sytem only applies to land parcels that have been registered and issued in the form of Land Rights Certificates, Management Rights, and Ownership Rights for Flats or Waqaf Land. 



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